WW2. Karin van Breemen. Неприду́манная исто́рия мое́й семьи́. The True Story of My Family

One may say that Europeans have forgotten who gave lives to bring them freedom and independence. No, they did not! Кто-то ска́жет, что европе́йцы забы́ли, кто о́тда́л свои́ жи́зни за их свобо́ду  и незави́симость. Нет, не забы́ли…

Read and listen to this fascinating story by Karin van Breemen from the Netherland about her family during WW2.  Прочи́тайте и послу́шайте э́ту удиви́тельную исто́рию семьи́ @Карин ван Бреемен во вре́мя  Второ́й мирово́й войны́.

Karin says: “…For me, this story is a "thank you to the Soviet soldiers of Stalingrad" but also to all the Soviet soldiers who did fight for our freedom. Often they are forgotten, when we remember the veterans, we remember the English, Canadian and American soldiers, and yes, my country is liberated by them. But because of the Soviet soldiers, especially those who did fight at Stalingrad, the war ended in 1945 and my parents and grandmothers and grandfather survived the war… I am not able to bring flowers to the monument, but let my story be the flowers I bring to the monument of the soldiers of Stalingrad..”