Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach; Music: A. Alexandrov; Performed by the Red Army Choir; Translated by ©HFWR/wikipedia

This is the most thrilling song of all times written on the second day of the most terrible war started. On June 22, 1941. Also known as "Arise, Great Country", "Встава́й, страна́ огро́мная". The lyrics were published on 24 June 1941, and Alexandrov immediately wrote the music for them, writing the notes out on a blackboard for the singers to copy manually. The first performance was on 26 June at Belorussky Railway Station, where according to eyewitnesses it was sung five times in succession.

On June 22, 1941, at 4 am, the most crucial war in the world history began. Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union. We remember all the terrible 1418 days it lasted, every hour and every minute.

In this video you will see the archive filming to tell about the first days of the war: peaceful sceneries, sleeping kids, and then smiling faces of the beasts who put themselves higher than others. They got it… 

Текст и перевод / Text and translation by HFWR/Wikipedia

Встава́й, страна́ огро́мная,

Встава́й на сме́ртный бой

С фаши́стской си́лой тёмною,

С прокля́тою ордо́й.  

Arise, you mighty motherland,

Arise for Sacred War

To crush the evil fascist hordes,

Unite and drive them off.



Пусть я́рость благоро́дная

Вскипа́ет, как волна́!

Идёт война́ наро́дная,

Свяще́нная война́!




Let our noble rage

Boil up like a wave!

The people’s war is going on

The people’s sacred war


Дади́м отпо́р души́телям

Всех пла́менных идей,

Наси́льникам, граби́телям,

Мучи́телям люде́й!


Let's crush the mad oppressors

Of all the flaming hearts

Crush rapists, thieves, and plunderers,

These slaughterers of men!




Не сме́ют кры́лья чёрные

Над Ро́диной лета́ть,

Поля́ её просто́рные

Не сме́ет враг топта́ть!


The black wings shall not dare

Fly over Motherland,

Her spacious fields and rapid streams

They never shall defile!




Гнило́й фаши́стской не́чисти

Заго́ним пу́лю в лоб,

Отре́бью Отродью челове́чества

Сколо́тим кре́пкий гроб!


Behold, fascist insanity

You now face your doom,

The plague of the humanity

We’ll drive it to its tomb!




День Победы (Victory Day)


Нам нужна одна победа (The only Victory we Need)


Эх, дороги (Ah, the roads)


Тёмная ночь (Dark Night)


Жди меня (Wait for Me)